Corner Samples
The Initial Investment
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The best way to get started selling Husar frames is to select four or five corner samples from our online catalog.
  • Pick your patterns. Choose a range of patterns that complement the style of your work and your clients' tastes. Of course, choose a selection that you personally like, since it is always easier to sell something that you would buy yourself.
  • Pick your finishes. All our patterns and finishes are interchangeable, so let us know which finish you would like on which pattern.
We charge a two-foot cost per corner sample, which will be reimbursed to you the first time you order a frame from that sample. Therefore, the initial investment is yours; however, we absorb it in the end.
If you are ever in the Chicago area, we strongly suggest stopping by! Not only can you view a wide selection of patterns and finishes but you can see the frame-making process firsthand. All frames are made start to finish at our factory. Observing the many steps and elements of craftsmanship that go into each and every frame is a great way to improve your selling of Husar frames.
Please contact us to obtain pricing information. (Note that pricing is only available to the trade.)
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  • Learn about our handcrafting process and share the information with clients to help them understand the value of a high-end frame.
Still unsure about "taking the plunge" into fine framing? We understand that a new venture, whether it be breaking into framing or supplementing your current frame line, can be daunting. We're here to offer whatever guidance you need, answer any questions you have, and suggest tips and techniques to help you sell.

See what a difference a fine frame makes by viewing our
"Before & After" gallery.
Before & After
Questions? Visit our Help/FAQ page, e-mail us, or call us at (312) 243-7888.