The Art of Fine Framing
The Artisans of Husar
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Fine framing is the marriage of a piece of art with a complementing, artistic frame. The result is a piece of art framed by a piece of art, whereby the beauty of the two is greater than the beauty of the individual parts.

A high quality frame maintains the integrity of that which it frames. It makes beautiful artwork look even more beautiful. It never distracts or detracts from the work but rather features it, presents it, elevates it to the level of status it deserves.

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We at Husar consider ourselves to be a continuing branch of a long line of artists–craftsmen who have been hand carving and hand finishing frames for centuries.

Our frames can be cut to any size. Panels can be hand painted in any color. Patterns, finishes and ornaments are interchangeable. The result is a highly customized, beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind frame that complements your work of art in every way.

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